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Art to be ME
14 Jan, 13:00
Illusion Space Rīga

ART TO BE ME is a self-development journey that takes you deep into the reclamation of yourself and especially your body. It is an invitation to become whole as an emotional and sensual being by discovering your own feminine essence and sexuality. It is a celebration of reclaiming your erotic power that is your Source as a woman.

Every person is wired differently, with unique habits, needs, patterns and reactions. And this project invites you to discover how you are wired because that wisdom is real gold.

That will help you to create a more intimate connection not only with yourself and your body, but also others in your life.

If you want to know where most of your power lies,
explore those places you have been taught to fear the most.

Find out who you are, how you want to love, how you want to be loved, how you want to express the deepest,
most profound parts of yourself through movement, through your body.

●     Are you willing to have a more conscious and loving relationship with yourself?

●     Are you willing to open your heart wider?

●     Are you willing to learn new skills?

●     Are you willing to recognize and release beliefs, rules, expectations and judgments that limit your capacity for love, creativity, fun and pleasure?

●     Are you willing to be patient and compassionate with yourself?


when she receives, she has the ability to create all that she wants

Women, let's allow ourselves to FEEL


About the Project:

This is a unique 7 week program that consists of two main components - Somatic Intimacy Coaching and Exotic Pole Dance. We will meet every Saturday where we will set goals, learn about safety and sexuality, practice nervous system regulation and emotional intelligence, work on creativity finding your own authentic expression, and dance, dance, dance!

This program will guide you through the awareness and cultivation of pleasure through all the body and its senses. The goal of this is to love yourself and your body NEXT LEVEL so you feel empowered to go and create life that you so deeply desire experiencing fulfilling life.

Of course, there is no magical pill that can give you that super fast. But during this program we will give you practices and tools to continue your journey of becoming your authentic self.

The purpose is not only to help you learn new skills, but also unlearn the ones that don't serve you anymore. It is truly a question of - how can I inhabit and use my whole body both in dancing and life. And we are here to create this experience for you.

What is Somatic Coaching?


When talking just about coaching, to put it simply - it's a process where a coach supports you to make a change, learn something new and achieve your goals.

Somatics comes from the Greek word “soma” meaning the body in its wholeness. Not only skin and bones, but the body in its aliveness meaning that it also has its own mind where so much of our emotions and stories are stored.

Somatic coaching involves seeing the client as a whole person, more than their intellect, more than their capabilities, working with who they are as a whole, vital, interactive, living being. Also acknowledging that we all have been shaped over time. Somatic Coaching offers self-care and self-love tools to improve broken brain connections, promote the healthy integration of thoughts and regulate the nervous system. It trains you to accept yourself fully. In all your senses. In all your emotions. In all energies. In all phases.

The practices we will use in this program - practices to create new and healthy relationships with yourself and your body, breathwork, somatic embodiment practices, mindfulness, meditation.


The benefits you can gain from Somatic Coaching and its practices:

●      Find and/or maintain purpose

●      Release limiting thinking

●      Release or decrease fears, shame, guilt, stress, anxiety

●      Learn Emotional Intelligence

●      Decrease self-sabotaging and self-criticism

●      Raise self-worth and self-awareness

●      Connect more with your intuition

●      Experience more and more stability in your life

Why Exotic Pole Dance?


Exotic pole dance is at the same time about endurance, strength, and skill, but also about sensuality, grace and freedom.


Benefits that you can gain from Exotic Pole Dance:


●      Minimized stress

●      Increased energy

●      Expand the expression of yourself

●      Better coordination, strength and balance

●      The feeling of being more socially connected

●      Decrease your insecurities and fears

●      Fun way how to take care of yourself physically

●      Learn how to move gracefully


About us:

Justīne The Wolf is a Somatic Intimacy Coach helping people to uplevel their life in areas like Love, Sex and Relationships. In her work Justīne The Wolf mostly uses the VITA (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) method. She has received specialized training in this method at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality that was founded by Layla Martin.

The VITA method blends practices and the wisdom of Sacred Sexaulity with Neurobiology Research and the science of Emotional Healing used in traditional therapy. It also gives attention to the body and the role it plays in our holistic healing and thriving in life.

Justīne The Wolf is a trauma-informed coach meaning she has an understanding of the presence of past trauma in a client's present-day experience and she uses it as a guide for resilience and solution-forward resolution. This does NOT mean that she is a trauma therapist. It means that in many cases coaching can serve as an additional support.

Fun Fact about Justīne - she is also a Theatre Director and Performance Artist, and her greatest interest in art is expanding the limits of human mind and body.

About Diana Paramonova you can always check information at the Biography page.


We have to be honest - this journey might not come without its struggle. There might be moments where you feel lost, frustrated and that you want to quit. And it is all okay - we will guide you to appreciate all stages of the journey. This is all part of breaking the cycle of old patterns so you can build something entirely new with your body. It’s time to reconnect to the intuitive wisdom that can guide you in experiencing more love, joy and pleasure in your life, and also in solving problems that seem intractable.

Disclaimer: Please note that this program is not a substitute for deep healing work with a therapist if you have severe trauma. Seek additional support where you need it.


In short

What is ART TO BE ME?


●      A unique 7-week live program for women to find their mental, emotional, sexual and physical power by experiencing Somatic Coaching Practices and Exotic Pole Dance, and also by gaining more Sexuality Eduaction

●      Every Saturday, starting from January 14 to February 25 at 1pm-6pm EET

●      Language: English (if something is not clear, we will translate in Latvian and Russian)

●      At ILLUSION SPACE, Berzaunes street 1, Riga

●      You don't have to have any experience in dancing - ALL LEVELS of dancers are welcomed

●      You even don't need your own pole dancing shoes - you can rent them at ILLUSION SPACE or dance barefoot

●      Free Bonuses: Each participant will have an opportunity to have an individual 45-minute coaching session during the program. Also every participant will receive a discount for further dance classes.

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