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Diana Paramonova is professional choreographer and dance teacher. Co-owner of new format dance studio - Illusion Sapce in Riga. Creator of Exotic Style Laboratory online course.

She started her way in dance by the age of 4 in ballet and show dance.

Having passion to create choreography already at the age of 12 and performing with solo dances on different stages and competitions she realised she needs to study in Ballet School. At the age of 14 was taken to study in Riga Choreography School (Riga Ballet School). She studied there for 2 years.

At the same time Diana graduated from Jurmala Music school in Piano Play class.

Continued her studies in Jazeps Vitols academy of Music in cathedra of choreography.

During the studies Diana started experimenting with different dance styles. 1 year in professional show group Riga City Jazz, 3 years in latvian folk dance ensemble "Perle" and finally pole dance! In the age of 18 opened dance studio for kids "Dejas Māja", but after  trying teaching to grown-ups decided to specialise on the grown-ups only!

She started working as a pole dance coach in 2016 in "Feel Good" studio. After 6 months of training got the 2nd place in Amateurs category at Pole Dance Baltic festival "Pole Emotion". 3rd place at the Pole Dance Baltic festival "Pole Emotion 2019" was taken in category Exotic Professionals. Got special prize at "Zodiac 2019" for Creativity. Won 1st place at Czech Exotic Open 2022 in professionals and stars category.

Diana loves traveling and when she goes somewhere - she goes to different dance classes. This is how she danced at New York's Broadway Dance center, HDI dance camp in London, Fair Play Dance camp in Poland and so on. In the same way she visited classes of legends Yanis Marshall, Brian Friedman, Jonte, Anastasia Vyadro, Baina Basanova, Liza Sergeeva, Daria Chebotova, Aleksander Mogilev, Vasilij Kozar and others.

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