Exotic Pole Basics


Online course for those who want to start dancing or teaching exotic pole dance!


Pre-recorded tutorials for individual work. 


- Warmup

- Workout

- Stretching

- Hand work with pole (grips, spins)

- Leg work (loop, wave, round)

- How to sit and stand up

- Isolation

- Floorwork

- Waves

- Weight shift

- Transitions with pole

- 1 Dance routine (4 classes)

- Bonus tasks

Lenth: 5 hours

Videos: 59

For whom

✔ if you make your first steps in exotic pole dance

✔ if you are already dancing exotic but feel like you need to clearify the basics

✔ if you want to start teaching exotic pole dance for beginners

How much

EUR 45,00 - all course materials and an access to videos will be sent at once.  This course doesn't have feedback option.


Lesson will be in closed youtube link, shared to participant.

There is no special timing, you can do classes when it is comfortable for you.

Access to the course will be available to you forever.

Language: ENG