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Exotic Style Checklist

This checklist will help you to clarify what are your strong sides and what you do need to work at more.


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Online course for those who want to start dancing or teaching exotic pole dance!

- Warmup, workout, stretching

- Pole Basics tutorials

- Dance routine

- Bonus tasks

Lenth: 5 hours

Videos: 59

Exo Laboratory

Exotic Style Laboratory

This course will help You to find Your own exotic dance style and will include following classes:

  • Isolation;

  • Perfectionism;

  • Building;

  • Space/Time/Energy;

  • Improvisation;

  • Musicality;

  • Details.

You can get the course with feedback or without it. Lessons are prerecorded. You can start when you want.

Level: intermediate

Language: ENG