The dance style which is built around and on  the pole in heels. It helps to improve power, endurance and grace. Some people think they need to go first to the gym to prepare for pole and to have all splits first - no! You will prepare for pole only on the pole. It is a great support that helps to understand how the body works! The classes are built up so that you improve not only your dancing skills but also strength and flexibility.

There are different ways to dance with pole, with heels or without them, doing complicated tricks, or just sensually walking around. After trying all styles in Exotic Diana's choice came to Exotic Pole. 

Exotic has improved so much during past years, that anyone can find something suitable for him.

There are known few classifications in Exotic:

- Old School - stripper style, sensual, teasing, focused on emotions

- Exotic Flow - endless movement focused on smooth transitions and absolute body control

- Exotic Hard - fast and energetic dance, a lot of attention goes to jumps and tricks.

There are also other ways (styles) of how to dance exotic, but these are the basic ones from which all the rest are built and mixed.

d-44 (1).jpg


First of all - the clothes should be comfortable for dancing and to help you feel good in the class. It can be leggings and a top or some swimsuit.


The most complicated question for every beginner. There are so many shoe types that it is too hard to make a decision.

So here are some tips:

- The most comfortable model are boots "flamingo", or 3rd size. Boots are giving stability and on the high 3, it is comfortable to stand on the toes.

- Boots or Sandals?

Boots are more comfortable in use because they give stability to the feet.

- Opened or closed nose?

The closed ones cover nails and toes and protect them from the floor. The line of the opened nose shoe can rub the toes. 

- Hight?

There are different hight of the platform. Some count it in inches, some make numbers and for some hights, there are the special names.

1 - 6 inches

2 - 7 inches

3 - Flamingo - 8 inches

4 - 9 inches

5 - Extreme - 10 inches

Slippery hands?

- If you are a beginner give yourself 1 month without trying any special adjustments. Explore your 'relationship' with pole.

Not accustomed to pole hands starts to sweat. But another problem can be too dry hands. When you learn what type of hands you have, you can start thinking of trying clutch means (dry hands, liquid chanks, wax, dry magnesia).