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About Paramonova's Knee Pads

Knee pads created by exotic pole dancer for low flow exotic pole and strip plastic dancers.

When we started to work on them back in 2020 - dancers used to hide knee pads while filming videos or performing, because it didn't count as a beautiful detal, but we wanted to make them be the detail which even if you fully undress - you would like to leave it on.

It took us 1,5 year to create the perfect model with constructor, designer and seamstreses.

And we are happy to share with you results of our work!

Custom handmade knee pads sewn according to your measurements.

Beautiful, but still functional designe

Extra protective, but looks light and sexy


Don't slide on the leg

Best quality materials 

Takes the shape of your leg

Last more then 1 year (wearing them very activly)


The kneepads protect by themselves very good, but if you need extra protection you can put inside the extra pads. 

Garter belt is also removable. It is made not only for beauty, but also to make the kneepad move less.

When you start to dance and warm up - the silicone will soften and catch to your skin to slide less.

We always improove and add extra details for your comfort. For now garter belt regulates both - in the waist and in the garter lenth.



You can wear them both - with or without the belt


Order the knee pads Now


You can pick up your order at Berzaunes 1, Riga

Or choose the delivery

Latvia - 5 eurEurope - 10 eur; Other - request individually

Please write in the Shipping Address if you want to pick them up on your own or share the address where you want them to be shipped.

Your measurements:

*take them tight

B above the knee.png
C - calf.png

Price - 130 eur


How long can the order take?

From 1 week to 1 month depanding on where you want it to be shipped.

If you need to have them for the exact date - write it in comments and we will try to make it possible.

Thanks for ordering!

We will contact you as soon as possible!

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