Strip plastic is a sensual dance style where you dance mostly on and with the floor in special heels (or also without them). Attention is focused on softness and control or the body movement same as emotional expression. 

You will learn where is your body located in space and how to use it. This style of dance is very feminine. It helps to start feeling confident and sensual.

For Diana it is important to give a feeling of Dance from the first class as well as a very clear and interesting explanation of movement technique. 




This is the first thing for the Strip Plastic. We work mostly on the floor and if you want to enjoy but not to suffer - just bring kneepads.


It is better to try strip plastic without heels first, to focus on movement more, because heels will bring a lot of attention. But it is great to start wearing them from the third class already to get used to the technique of heels work.

How to choose?

- Your very first heels should be tried out in the shop so that you know your size.
- Some dancers say you need to take a size smaller than you have in life. It may be the truth for silicon covered strip shoes, but you will know it only after you try.
- Silicone will soften and take the shape of your leg after you start dancing.
- Silicone easily breaks.
- There are leather or silicon covers, closed or opened shoes. No one knows which will suit You the most! So, just try your first pair and keep experimenting!
- Start with a short platform. But! The higher the platform is the better it saves your toes.
- Also choosing between sandals or boots - in boots all leg is covered, it means it is more stable and protective.
- And yes - they are expensive!+
- Be careful with AliExpress or eBay variant, because the bottom of shoes can paint black lines on the floor. Cleaning them after class is not the most exciting process!