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EMOTIONS Expression

in Exotic Pole Dance


All levels


If you ever struggle with:
- Face is not expressing any emotions
- Feeling it inside, but emotions doesn't come out with body expression
- Can't express some emotions
- Loosing attention of audience

- Emotions are taking away the control of body

In this workshop we are working both - from your body to the head and from the head to the body. This time the choreography is not going to be the main part of the class, however we will learn small easy combo to use it in our work.

Dance without emotions is just aerobics.


CHOREOGRAPHY class Paramonova's Style


Intermediate or advanced

Try something new and challenge yourself.

Diana's style is always  different. You can meet elements/techniques from contemporary, ballet, folk dance, jazz dance etc.
Be ready to dive deep into musicality and small details. Every choreography has it's story and emotions. Difficulty is mostly not in the power or tricks, but in coordination of hearing music, feeling emotion, working with audience and keeping the dance looking effortless.

Choose what you want to dance more hard or flow style. But be ready to see play of contrasts in any of those styles.

What is the goal of lesson? To try different way of working with movement and feel emotions and music the way the dancer/choreographer feels. Since this choreo is Diana's style - it means it is comfortable for Diana and her body, and will be challenging for others. Something is going to work, and something will break the brain. Even if something is not going to work out - you will see what would be great to improve in your dance further.



Exotic Pole Dance TECHNIQUE


Beginners or


If you don't like something in your dance - it's not about you. Beauty is technique.

This lesson is going to be built depanding on school and students in it. You can request for working on some special techniques or to analyse your school strong and weak parts, then the class is going to be built around it.
(Every dance school has it's foundation and style (vector of development) depanding on background of teachers.) 

- Spiral technique
- Slides
- Modern dance based floorwork
- Weight shifting
- Isolation, detalisation, plasticity, waves
- Qualities of the movement
- Improvisation

The class can be structured around 1 technique - going through the theory and putting it into combination or we can go through several different techniqes.

Technique is the tool which gives you more and more freedom.

Questions - Answers session

1 - 2 h

All levels

Questions about development in dance, teaching aspects, building the choreography, lessons methodology.

If you have any questions around choreographing, preparing performances, selftraining, structuring classes, or others - we can make the questions-answers session or you can also request the lecture to the topic you are most interested in and after it we can discuss it.

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