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Dance classes that you can attend when you want. You need only to sign up.

It suits you:

- if your schedule is busy or non stable 

- if you train for joy

- if you are not sure what dance style to choose and you want to try everything first

1 class - 15 eur

4 classes - 50 eur (valid 1 month)

8 classes - 80 eur (valid 1 month)

16 classes - 120 eur (valid 2 months)



Closed groups are announced one month before the start. This is fixed group of students who train together reaching common goal.

It suits you:

- if you want to work on 1 task or 1 choreography for 1 month

- if you want to get more in-depth knowledge

- if you work for results

3 classes - 50 eur

4 classes - 60 eur

5 classes - 70 eur



For those who want to find sollutions for the following topics intensivly and individually:

It suits you if:

- You feel stuck in your progress and don’t understand where and how you should develop

- You want to improve your dance technique

- You need help/consultation in creating/editing your performance

- You need a consultation about a specific topic (musicality/stiffness/difficulties in teaching/analysing your starting level

- You want to start creating your own choreographies

-You want to develop your own exotic pole dance style

- You want to become a dance teacher 

1 сlass/consultation - 65 eur/h

2-8 classes a month - 50 eur/h



Available worldwide.

- Emotions in exotic pole dance

- Choreography dance class Paramonova's style

- Technique in exotic pole dance

Price - considered individually

To book your workshop, reach @paramonova_dance on instagram or via email



Pre-recorded Classes & Courses

It suits you:

- if you are not from Riga

- if you are looking for high level online education

- if you have certain goal what to study

Depending on the online product you can solve different requests.

Exotic Style Laboratory corse (how to choreograph in exotic pole dance)


Art to be ME

14/01/23 - 25/02/23

This is a unique program that consists of two main components - Somatic Intimacy Coaching and Exotic Pole Dance.

Self-development journey that takes you deep into the reclamation of yourself and especially your body. It is an invitation to become whole as an emotional and sensual being by discovering your own feminine essence and sexuality.

That will help you to create a more intimate connection not only with yourself and your body, but also others in your life.

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Knee Pads by Paramonova

Custom handmade knee pads sewn

according to your measurements.

Combines beautiful designe and functionality.

- extra protective but still looks light and sexy

- soft

- don't slide on the leg

- best quality materials

- takes the shape of your leg

Price - 130 eur



Courses are happenening once in 2 or 3 months.

These are constant trainings, usually one month long with the certain goal.

It suits you:

-  if you are beginner and want to understand all the technique basics for successful dance skill improvement

- if you like to achieve goals

- if you want to get constructed knowledge

- if you want to start teaching and need to understand the basics

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